Why twin flames run

Why twin flames run

Friday, 22 October 2010

Why twin flames run...

There are many reasons why twin flames undergo an often temporary time of physical separation after the initial meeting. When they first meet their souls alight in the flames of Love. But then comes the troubles, the conflicts, the arguements, the hot/cold behaviour, the confusion, the feelings of "craziness"... the list goes on. But why does this happen? Why, when there is so much love, is there so much conflict and "running"?

Let me first explain that this is a SOUL connection and our souls are made from pure love. Think about it for a second, our souls ARE love, in it's purest form. Our souls are so eager to reconnect us with our twin flames in the physical, you'd think it would be simple. But no, there are many lessons to learn, many tests to take before we can fully unite with our twin flames.

First there is the ego and all the preconceptions we have about the way we think love "should be". But this is soul love and therefore it doesn't fit into the earthly creations of romantic relationships - it goes far beyond that, therefore it is impossible to try and limit the love by forcing it into a purely romantic setting. This is placing conditions upon our love. The soul loves unconditionally and until we enter more into our soul-consciousness, our souls will keep repelling, because we are placing expectation and conditions upon the connection and this is not pure love.

Twin flames are reflections of each other, of Self, so they show us everything about ourselves that we are not loving, accepting and what needs healing. When these inner blocks still remain, they will continue to be reflected between the twins and yet again it will repell them to go their separate ways again until we look inwards and heal inwards individually. Often twins run because there are parts of themselves they are not loving or accepting and they can't handle seeing these things illuminated through the connection. They don't feel good enough and are afraid that if they get close, the other twin will see these parts of themselves they are trying to deny and reject them. This rejection, they believe, would crush them and "prove" to them the very things they detest about themselves to be correct. They run from their own fears about themselves.

Often this is subconscious though, and the twins point their fingers at each other and blame the other for the breakdown of a physical relationship. But this has all been pre-determined by both twin flames along with their Spirit Guides and Soul Family before they incarnate, to help them learn and grow the most. The physical separation forces the twin flames to eventually look deeper within and awaken more to their soul-consciousness and realise that it is about healing the self.

Sometimes it takes time for twin flames to trust in the love. It came about immediately and so intensely that often it goes beyond logic which we are taught to trust in rather than emotion and intuition. Many twins feel the transformatin happening within them, as they awaken more and more to their soul-consciousness, but try to fight it because they are afraid of the unknown. They are happy at how they had made sense of the world - it fits into most other people's views too. They wonder how they could survive if they suddenly allowed themselves to trust in intuition and soul and spirituality. Won't people think they are mad? Won't they lose friends and even family? What if they are married, won't their husbands/wives think them mad or bad? They feel so alone, so confused and think they are mad. So they run, to save themselves the trouble.

But as they run from the connection, their twin flame, themselves, they begin to lose themselves, close their heart, become numb, depressed, lost. But on the surface they try to make out everything is fine, they are desperate to make everything fine and "normal" again because they fear they are weak to believe in this, especially when they think the twin has hurt them so much. They cannot yet see that it is their own inner hurt, their own inner rejection that has caused so much pain. But their inner numbness becomes very frightening, their depression very real. People can see they are changing but they cannot tell them why - no-one would understand.

So they begin to feel more and more alone and they are pushed deeper into themselves, into their emotions. But this is where their intuition is and where the inner knowing of the soul-consciousness resides. Eventually the fear of losing themselves will become bigger than the fear of facing upto their inner issues. Sometimes twin flames need to feel the deepest depths before they accept there is another way into love, into freedom, into happiness. But the Path leading to that can be very rocky and will be for a reason, to help them trust in themselves more and come back to Self-Love to be reflected back between the twins so Reunion can occur.



About Me

Hi Friends and welcome to my blog which is connected to my site http://www.twinsoulmates1111.com about twin souls aka twin flames and soul mates.

Let me first tell you a little about myself and how this website has been brought about. My name is Karen and over the past five years I have come into great spiritual awakening through recognising my Twin Flame and going through a time of great learning and enlightenment as a consequence of this.

For years I went through life confused about what I believed in. My parents were religious and although I believed in God and tried to follow their faith, there was always something missing. Things didn’t quite add up and I was left confused and with many questions. I turned away from religion and carried on for a few years drifting aimlessly along.

But then my twin soul came back into my life (we had known each other in childhood but there were no “sparks” back then) and my whole world was turned upside down. I went three years of feeling so much love and also so much fear and pain when it came to my twin soul and myself.

I didn’t know what was going on except for I felt petrified when I loved twin so much but didn’t actually like him as a person (at that time). My spirituality was becoming more apparent to me; I began to see deep down that some of the most real things in life were those that I couldn’t see with the naked eye. But I was too scared to believe in what I felt and knew to be true in my heart, so I carried on for years in great pain, convincing myself I was crazy and it was all in my head.

But I knew in my heart that what we felt for each other amongst all the chaos, pain and fighting was real. In fact it was the most real thing about my life. But I didn’t have a logical explanation for it, so I blamed it on “obsession” and “weakness”. For however much we tried to push each other away out of fear, we always came back together by this feeling of massive magnetism. It was like I physically couldn’t help but be pulled to him, even if my ego wanted to cut all ties. But, what I didn’t realise then is that the ties can never be cut. It was all a lesson in accepting oneself and others unconditionally.

Because he was the counterpart of my soul, I had to learn how to accept that mirror image I saw in him and come to love myself through those feelings of intense vulnerability. He also had to do the same. It’s an ongoing process, but once the difficulties of coming to accept oneself have been overcome, the Joining back together with the other half of your soul is amazing beyond what any human words could ever describe.

So I have begun the joining process of the chakras with my twin soul and I feel so much bliss. I know what I have to say here may be disappointing to some, but I am not in a physical relationship with my twin soul. This does not mean we haven’t joined back together though. It means that we chose (before birth) to be completely happy to be Joined in soul but loving soul mates for our physical partners. We are with our soul mates, because these other souls are part of our soul families too (other fragments of our souls that we split from in the beginning) and we are helping each other come back to completeness through love.

In joining with my twin soul in the Heart Chakra, my heart expanded greatly (it felt almost physical) and that is when I found my soul mate. My soul mate is a part of myself too and through Joining with my twin soul, the road was opened to join with the other members of my soul family.

My twin soul and I are together always, but primarily through soul. He is with me all the time (because he is me) and we share a telepathic quality for our physical minds. We are like best friends who help each other through our paths and help each other to love others unconditionally too.

Some twin souls may be together through soul, some will be destined to be lovers, some will marry, some will not be together in any of these ways for many incarnations to come. There is no set rule other than they will come together at the time which is right for them and in the way that they chose to be in order to come back to the most enlightenment.
Through coming back to myself through self-love and acceptance (the qualities that arise through accepting the twin soul connection) I also became aware that the guardian angel that I had always subconsciously prayed and talked to throughout my life was called AstridPirellious. They are a part of mine and twin’s soul family and are twin souls themselves. Astrid and Pirellious went through a similar journey in order to unite together and now through enlightenment they are here to help others in the family to come back as One.

They were the ones who were trying to show me that I had to surrender to my life path and accept twin and myself rather than continuing to try and cut all ties. I spent many years trying to ignore them and remain in my comfort zone of spiritual ignorance, but finally I couldn’t run away from it any longer. I decided to trust in this voice in my mind’s eye they have never let me down. I began to feel free and accepting. My depression lifted and I joined with my twin soul after many physical interactions with him. It is an ongoing process and Joining comes in stages, so there is still more healing to be done and life purposes to fulfil from both of us before we will fully unite and ascend into the Higher Realms.

I have never felt so much peace. The agony of longing to be one with him has lessened and the Joining of our hearts has created complete bliss as the process of joining back together in entiry has begun. We are now free to express our love through the deepest form (soul) and also awaken ourselves through loving wonderful soul mates whom we decided to connect with before this incarnation. It is the Joining of our hearts that has allowed us to really begin to understand that this love is inclusive and involves our other soul family members and to realise that we are connected to all things.

AstridPirellious (AP) have been our loving mentors, never judging but always helping us to remove the blocks in ourselves so we can come back to complete freedom. I talk with them everyday and they are always with me wherever I go. In a sense they are like best friends who hear our problems and help us through them. They show us the way forward and I often channel messages from them and set them down on paper for future reference.

Since my awakening, I have spent a few years experimenting and discovering what my life purpose is. They have clearly told me that I am to be a messenger of their truth. I have been writing for many years and finally I have come to a realisation that I am to write about the things they have shown me – twin souls, soul mates and many more spiritual matters. I am currently writing a book on the subject and hope to soon have it published for all to read.

AP have lead me in the direction to creating this website in order to spread their message and to try and help others find some understanding in their lives and connections. I have become very skilled in listening to my intuition and for many years have been a practising psychic, medium and channeller to AP’s messages and that of other spirits.
My website is designed to provide you with channellings from AP about twin souls, twin flames, life purposes and may more spiritual matters.

I am also offering psychic readings for a small price about your connection to your twin soul, your soul mate or anything else you might want clarity about. There is a section where you can submit your own stories about your twin soul connections and a section where you can buy books on the subject.

I hope you enjoy reading through my site and take away some new insights from my Mother/Father God AP.

Blessings to you all x

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